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I adore fat girls. They are such sexual. Only I will see, and at me right there rises. I do not poponimat those who consider them not beautiful. The same such pleasure to make love to them!!!

Because it is the most sexual creations on light. As sex with them is pleasant. I mean proportional girls with full forms. I am ready to caress their eternity. I do not understand those to whom they are not pleasant. And also those who in every way try to lose weight: You lose the sexuality!

All life I sink down only on full girls. What now for bad fashion – to grow thin? Historically it developed that the woman has to be full. Another matter – the man. It has to and be able to work physically and to stand for itself(himself), and excess weight in such things often a hindrance. Another matter – the woman. It has to be simply pleasant to look at it. By the way, the beautiful figure (a big breast, roundish hips, nice legs) happens only at full little girls. So, girls, do not grow thin. To you it not to the person.

Fat girls – my ideal! I am a man and on a bone I do not rush, I love what the girl would have a figure! Magnificent breast and abrupt hips! It is so healthy! and besides fat girls are much more cheerful, more cheerful and are kinder, than cachectic. Did you sometime meet the polish bitch?! They are absent just! All of them are nice fellows and beauties! But all besides reasonably Though often the excessive completeness is caused not by overeating and a disease. So it is impossible to accuse anybody of it! Chubby girls – I adore you %)

Pyos Barbos
Personally I since school years like moderately chubby girls. Unfortunately, who loves thin, that never understands people with such taste, as at me. Though such as I, not so am not enough. Rubens liked to represent harmoniously put too, but at the same time ample bodied women. The Polish girls and Scandinavians are pleasant to me when I see their photos in night-clothes: just the fact that it is necessary – a smooth gentle body and soft light completeness. It is very pleasant to iron, caress such body. Perhaps, the first experience of the sexual relations exerts impact on the person. At me personally was such just with harmoniously chubby girl.

He agrees. As my friend – “Speaks though is what to feel”. Girls, do not exhaust yourself with diets, but of course that not absolutely everything hung and short wind was…

Fat girls are pleasant to me, but my opinion that the completeness has to be moderately and not be beyond. In general the girl has to watch herself, but not get fatter day by day. I consider that the girl has to have a breast, hips, but the stomach should not be. and thin DDS – it is just awful. I feel sorry for such girls. It is interesting to me to know opinion of other people so write to this topic.

Not that I was wild about them, but here such situation – I have no friends practically, there are one girl and one young man. The girl, correctly, full and with very good character. Yes, she likes to eat, but great prepares and often treats me with such dishes for which at prestigious restaurant it should lay out the annual salary of parents combined.

Charley Monroe
Generally I fat do not love, but so it developed that among my acquaintances there are many fat girls. I of course love them not for the fact that they fat, just when the person to me is nice, to me it is not important what constitution at it as it is banal sounds, but when already well you know someone, see in it first of all the personality, do not attach significance to appearance any more and just get used. Some the completeness even goes, and I cannot present them differently. However, if the person is unpleasant to me moreover and full, it only gives him disgust. Though nice me to people the completeness on the contrary can give to charm, make them lovelier. I speak, depends on the relation. Here if I am full, by all means would write to a hatred column. But I have on the contrary an insufficient weight what I even am glad to, I am pinned to differ from most of people even in the physiological plan as silly sounds. And against the background of fat I look even better, hi-h, here one more reason for love to them…

In the childhood I was very well-fed child therefore parents constantly terrorized me because of my weight. Later it developed into a terrible inferiority complex since inspired in me that I have to be oneself not, and a cross tie on long legs. As a result reached that I was afraid to go outside, and in society constantly shrank in a corner. Then I dried, and quite decently. Parents calmed down, but my favorite boyfriend set to work. Well did not accept it my 55 kg, it that wanted that in general wind blew off me. Eventually, having understood that I will never get off this terror, I spat all this. Now I love myself such what is, I do not keep to diets, on scales I do not jump and when somebody hints that it would be quite good to lose weight still to me, usually I advise to address the oculist or other doctors.

I fat and from it a droplet do not suffer. Someone says that he is here, restrictions in clothes etc… I do not know, I think if the girl not thick, but a little fat, then any clothes suit her. And in general, many things on thin hang as on hangers! And if my figure does not suit someone, I am ready to send that… at least in a bath.

I love fat girls because I consider what the girl has to have what to take notice of: both a breast and buttocks because it is very pleasant in a bed. And the fact that in public with it it will be not really convenient to seem then there are two exits – to send all to such mother who discusses its completeness, or for an exit in people to have the girl with appearance of model that I also make. What and everything I wish!!! to fuck fatties!!!

I almost had the same. From a class of the 4th I was a little plump and parents constantly said to me that it is advisable to lose weight, as a result added to me an inferiority complex. Now I normal (harmonious), but other people so more often speak, ALWAYS it seems to me that I have something superfluous. So “thanks” to parents. “Presented” a complex for the rest of life. :))

Oops! And what girls should be considered fat? It is everyone for itself defines. According to some standards and I can descend for fat because my weight after all exceeds norm of kilograms nv five. And what from that? What means, looks not esthetically? Lakara, I deserved your dislike already the fact that I am fat? Nonsense! But whether the fat girl with extra kilos will lose a part of the unique identity? Certainly everything has to be reasonably, you should not get fat to such degree that hips had identical volume with a waist… and who could think that parents ache what I am not a stem? yes, I very much like to go to trainings, I am the truth fell in love, but I also very much like tasty things… but knowing the tendency to corpulence, I limit myself. But my darling very much does not want that I grew thin, he loves me such!

Fat girls (I mean NOT FAT) have the same rights for existence and love of men, as well as not fat. And to love them or to hate – a matter of taste. I consider that for any woman there is the man, the main thing – it to meet. And “yours” will love you fat or thin:) One my friend says that in Russia 99% of men love stout women, and only 1% – VERY full. So, the nose, girlfriends is higher!

As one filmstar told – is what it is pleasant to have a look at. In more intimate sense – it is better to shake on waves, than to fight about rocks. So, lovely girls, do not stuff yourself the head with foolish diets, tablets and Herbalayf. Love yourself such what you are! And we, men, will reciprocate to you.

I always liked fat girls, a little chubby, but not thick. With deep thighs, a breast… But at the same time harmonious. In my opinion – such girls the loveliest… They look is so womanly, so naturally… In them some homeliness and an ukhozhennost is felt… Just charm 🙂

Everything is good moderately. Both fat cows and the distrofichka having anorexia – all this sign of an illness. “A la the boy” pushes fashion in the unconscious mass of a copper I will not call whom.

Of course, too grown fat girl – it is ugly. But it would be desirable to ask a question: in the erotic imaginations most of men of what girls dream? About lean, pale, round-shouldered, with a hollow breast at which shovels on a back stick out like a bust? Frankly speaking? And? What, these meatless bones are capable to cause excitement and desire? What there is a wish to caress – an elastic breast or a prickly shovel and a bony knee? How do artists of all times and the people draw the female temptress? With the magnificent breast which is breaking off a dress with a slender waist, round buttocks, heavy hips, chubby, but graceful legs with roundish knees. Men want such women, just some for some reason play the hypocrite and pretend that love thin persons. By the way, that yours the thin person will put in a mouth to the hungry baby – a lean shovel? Babies prefer not spots instead of breasts too, and full of milk, big, well-fed tits.

They are GIRLS (!!!), but not a set of bones to caress their one pleasure, they madly sexual, gentle, and sensual, I adore fat girls!!!!

The woman is fatter, the I derive bigger pleasure from sex. I love their magnificent breasts, the immense waving asses, huge thighs, champing extensive pisyu. What happiness having its cancer, to move apart it heavy big buttocks and to hear as she will loudly and lingeringly break wind.

Here, apparently, here wrote Lesh that for him the girl, the better is more stout. I completely agree with it, unclear only why to break wind (and to jeer). And so – yes. When you did not undress yet, and it already all damp from an anticipation. When you immerse a hand in stomach dough, or try to count folds of which it all is outside made. Or when she tries to try a new position, and so sexually tries to bend or cave in still slightly. And much still I could write, I will tell only that very full girls often are very svoyebrazny and non-standard because they since the childhood should think of a miscellaneous much. Well and the bottom big is pleasant to me at them too.

Here it is necessary to put emphasis on the word “fat”, not thick, namely “fat” =) The good person has to be much (but it is very good – it is not good ;)), it in pre-revolutionary Russia was understood. It is pleasant when the girl not a board =)

At least because I hate thin. Just such as now in fashion – long and thin, they are not pleasant to me at all. And fat it is healthy, well if not absolutely fat of course, but such, figuristy, it is the best option!

Fat – does not mean fat and friable. Simply everything at them! “It is appetizing” – as my familiar men speak. I have no problem of excessive weight, I that is called just right, the normal healthy girl. And in general enrages me when speak “To Foo, it lean/thick, on horse-radish it is necessary!” You look what the person is, and then solve, to communicate or not!